Let's Make Your Cart Street Legal

We will pick up your cart, provide refurbishing and re-tooling, add all necessary parts to make it "legal", and have the cart inspected by the Florida DMV.  Each cart is assessed individually.  Street legal status will be different for every golf cart  as the required lights, mirrors, seat belts, etc. will vary depending upon what features your cart already has or doesn't have.

Below is a list of some of the necessary parts a golf cart is required to have in order to qualify as "street legal":

  • Headlights                                                Taillights                                                              . Horn                                                                Turn Signals                                                        Brake Lights                                             Seat Belts                                                             Rear View                                                   Side Mirrors                                                         Slow Moving Vehicle Sign            Tag Light                                                             Windshield Wipers                             DOT Approved Windshield

State Required: Original Bill of Sale, Cart Weight and a DOT inspection.  (which we provide a service for at a minimal cost)